How LFS 496 helped prepare Jeffery Kwok for the workplace

How LFS 496 helped prepare Jeffery Kwok for the workplace

*Disclaimer: The Career Development in Land and Food Systems course is the updated title of the previously-named Career Development in Land and Food Systems Internship.

Jeffrey Kwok, Outreach and Community Engagement Intern, Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm

As part of the LFS Career Development Internship (LFS 496) program, Jeffrey Kwok, a fourth year student in the Applied Animal Biology program, worked with the outreach team at UBC Farm. His role included creating, delivering, and facilitating educational curricula about food system sustainability to school age children and youth. He also worked with stakeholders and community partners exploring the multifunctional role of food and its environmental, social, and cultural implications.

How do you think this internship prepares you for the work world?

I think this internship has prepared me for the work world because it has many components that characterize our modern working environment. There is a focus on communication, collaborative work, use of electronic communication as a facilitation tool, dealing with uncertainties, and working with stakeholders with different goals and interests.

How would you like to be involved in the food system after you graduate?

I would like to work in promoting food security and food systems sustainability in our local communities. My internship gave me the opportunity to immerse myself into the community of people in Vancouver who work to creating a better food system and I want to be a part of that change.

How has the internship influenced your choices or future path?

My internship has fuelled my interest in working in the local food system. It has also opened my eyes to the different career avenues that I can take after I graduate, which elucidated the kinds of jobs that align well with my passion and interests. This article was originally published in the Land and Food System magazine Reach Out, Issue 28 Fall 2017.

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