Diversified Agroecosystems Cluster is renewed

Diversified Agroecosystems Cluster is renewed

Photo of a seedling's leaves.

The Diversified Agroecosystems Cluster has been renewed for the next 2 years. This is a major UBC grant hosted at the CSFS and is a collaboration with researchers across North America.

More about the Cluster

Over the last three years, the UBC Research Excellence Cluster on Diversified Agroecosystems, convened by the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm, has built a global network of researchers and farming organizations that are documenting, synthesizing, translating and transforming practices for sustainable and resilient food systems. We have developed, tested and continue to generate novel methods to foster agroecological transitions in global agriculture across diverse cultures, geographies, and economies. We have integrated diverse ways of knowing to stimulate evidence-based decision-making at scales from households to global policy networks.

We have piloted an innovative farm-scale digital platform (LiteFarm) that benefits farmers while catalyzing socio-ecological research innovation. We will use the next 2 years to launch this platform globally while also pursuing an exciting research framework to envision and implement a 100-year research experiment at UBC Farm. These key capstone deliverables for the Cluster will ensure that the synergistic research that the GCRC galvanized will persist and evolve with the UBC Farm serving as a global leader for diversified agriculture for decades to come.

Logo of the Diversified Agroecosystems Research Excellence Cluster.