Episode 2: Saving the Farm

Growing a Farm podcast

Growing a Farm: The 20-year Journey of the UBC Farm

Episode 2: Saving the Farm

The UBC Farm that students had started was growing and thriving, but it became clear that that land was slated for development, and the Farm was going to be bulldozed. A movement rose up to protect it and prove that it was worth saving. But the odds were not in their favour.

Show notes:

To further your knowledge of Musqueam Territory upon which the UBC Farm is situated, check out Land Beneath Our Feet, a Musqueam guide brought to you by the UBC Library.


  • Hosted by Anisha Sandhu (LFS Student and former CSFS Knowledge Mobilization Assistant, CSFS at UBC Farm).
  • Produced by Melanie Kuxdorf (Communications and Marketing Manager, CSFS at UBC Farm) and Anisha Sandhu, with special production thanks to Duncan McHugh (Digital & Instructional Media Producer, Faculty of Land and Food Systems).


  • “Denali at Dawn (feat. RIVER LUME)” by SPEARFISHER
  • “Beyond” by Ian Post

Special Thanks:

Thanks to the staff at the UBC Farm and LFS who provided feedback and support, and a very special thanks to everyone who was interviewed for this project and especially to all those who started, supported and helped save the Farm: Thank you for your vision and perseverance – we wouldn’t be here without you.