Bees & Wax

Bees & Wax

About this Workshop

Honey comb appears to be nearly perfect in it’s geometric composition, each hexagonal cell identical to its neighbour.  Or is it?  How bees make wax and how they use it is fascinating and surprising.  Let’s explore wax and it’s wonders together, what it is made of, how the bees make it and how we use it.  As a part of our exploration of wax we will make naturally flavoured lip balm that you may take home.

About the Instructor

Brian became immersed in the rich and amazing world of bees while he and his four sons spent many a glorious day observing the curious activities of bees, noticing the bees’ consistent patterns, collective activities, and the surprising comparisons to our own human patterns and behaviours. He’s never looked back and today is a Certified Beemaster and beekeeper, heavily involved in food security issues in Richmond and the Lower Mainland. Brian guest lectures for Gaia College’s Growing Food in the City certificate program, for adult education at Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver, for Kwantlen’s Richmond Farm School and teaches young people in the city about honey bees as well as native types. He is President of the Richmond Beekeepers Association, a BC Association Master Gardener, Sustainable Gardening and Bee Master to West Coast Seeds, and offers classes in grafting fruit trees, food preserving, and other farm skills.

Date and Time

DATE Wednesday, August 7th | 7:00 – 9:00 pm (2 hours)


UBC Farm

3461 Ross Drive, Vancouver BC


$29 Standard ($25 Student) + GST

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