How to save the world in five not so easy steps

How to save the world in five not so easy steps

Wild rose in the foreground with a farm field and hoop houses in the background

Wild rose. Photo by CSFS at UBC Farm.

June 11, 2024

CSFS Associate Dr. Kai Chan wrote that individuals should demand that systems change towards sustainability, and not depend on governments in the fight against climate change.

Chan outlines five essential steps for this transformation:

  • Go Deep: Focus on long-term sustainability over quick fixes.
  • Update Tradition: Challenge the status quo and integrate systems science into decisions.
  • Embrace Uncertainty: Adaptively experiment with bold solutions.
  • Seek Solidarity: Foster multiple perspectives and counter societal polarization.
  • Engage Science: Improve public access to systems science and involve academics in policy-making. By uniting these efforts, society can effectively address the global challenge of sustainability.

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