Work Learn Profile: Natalie Hamilton, Farm Ambassador

Work Learn Profile: Natalie Hamilton, Farm Ambassador

Natalie Hamilton

What did you work on in this role?

Everyday in this role was a little different and my tasks varied a lot with the seasons as the position involved more outreach events during the fall and the winter was focused on working on design and communications projects. I ran the outreach booth at the Wednesday and Saturday markets and supported various seasonal events. As part of the communications team, I was responsible for social media posts and designing new outreach materials. One of my favourite projects was our video series “Tales of the Farm” where I was able to share short stories and reflections from various people within the UBC Farm community.

What did you learn in this position?

I learned how much I enjoy being able to engage with and talk to various people at outreach events and how wonderful the UBC farm community is. I also learned a lot from the awesome staff and students I was able to work with. Additionally, I valued being able to further my graphic design skills and to understand the process of designing materials for a large organization.

Why does this work matter?

The Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and the UBC farm are involved in so much innovative work aimed at community creation, education opportunities, and enhancing food systems research. It is important to be able to share with the community information about what the farm does and how they can get involved to support or learn from available opportunities.

What would you tell a new student taking on this role? Or what do you wish you had known?

If you’re going to be on the farm on a rainy day, bring a warm beverage and 2 more layers than you think you need. It can get really cold, especially if you’re not moving around a lot. Also, design projects always take longer than you anticipate.

What should people know about the UBC Farm that they probably don’t know?

How many cool research projects there are happening onsite at the farm!

What’s your favourite thing to do at the UBC Farm?

Tough to just pick one thing, but I really enjoy walking around and seeing what is growing in all the different fields, and I also love exploring the vendors at the Saturday Farmers Market.

What other roles have you held at CSFS at the UBC Farm?

I spent a summer volunteering at the farm after my first year at UBC and it was a wonderful way to meet so many cool people and to learn about urban farming. This is actually what sparked my interest in urban farming and led to my pursuit of work experience within this area.