CANOVI Carrot Breeding Webinar

CANOVI Webinar: Breeding Carrots for Production, Resilience, Flavour, and Fun in Organic Systems

Media Source: eOrganic

Mar 25, 2022

“Learn about fundamental concepts and strategies that are key to successful carrot breeding work”

CSFS Associate and CANOVI Project Lead, Solveig Hanson, recently visited Washington State to cohost a carrot breeding webinar with our collaborators at Organic Seed Alliance. The webinar titled “Breeding Carrots for Production, Resilience, Flavor and Fun in Organic Systems” covered basic genetics, colour expression, trait expression and selection, and demonstrated how to cut, evaluate, and select roots from a diverse array of orange and rainbow-coloured roots. Learn more about the CANOVI Project’s contributions to the resilience and growth of Canada’s organic vegetable sector.

Watch the full webinar recording on YouTube.