Saturday Farmers’ Markets

Saturday Farmers’ Markets at the UBC Farm

June 5 – November 27, 2021 from 10:00AM-2:00PM

Safe Shopping Hours 10:00am-10:30am: We are reserving a 30 minute window of time for seniors (65+), shoppers with mobility challenges, and others most vulnerable to COVID-19 at our Saturday Market.

Don’t miss the only farmers’ market in Vancouver located on a working farm! Get your fill of fresh local meats and produce, browse the yummy treats and enjoy the outdoors while you grab lunch and a coffee-to-go.

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In addition to certified organic and farm-fresh produce, fruits, herbs, flowers and free-range eggs from the UBC Farm, the Saturday Farmers’ Market also features a variety of other local vendors selling meat, cheese, mushrooms, fruit, vegetables, nursery plants, baked goods, alcohol, prepared foods, and crafts, alongside food and coffee trucks.

Market Details:
  • Safe Shopping Hours – We are reserving a 30 minute window of time for seniors (65+), shoppers with mobility challenges, and others most vulnerable to COVID-19 at our Saturday Market. Other shoppers will be able to enter the market starting at 10:30am and there will be a queue along the sidewalk outside the market parking lot.
  • Do not shop if sick – In accordance with the restrictions outlined by the BCCDC, we will restrict entry to anyone who is ill. Stay home if you are sick to keep our markets safe!
  • Parking – The lot directly outside the UBC Farm is only for folks with accessibility needs. Review this map to see other parking areas, marked in orange. Click here for more parking options in the Wesbrook Village, including EV and car share areas.
  • Reusable bags – Reusable bags will not be encouraged at our market this year, but are permitted in the market area as long as customers fill the bags themselves and do not place their bags on any surfaces. Do not bring containers to have filled at the market.
  • Payments – We encourage card payments at this time, but cash remains to be a payment option.
  • Entry queues – There will be two queues located outside the UBC Farm parking lot. One for seniors and vulnerable shoppers (open 10 am- 10:30 am), and the other for general customers. Please wait in the appropriate queue until our staff tells you to enter the market area.
  • One-way traffic – Our market has one-way traffic this year. Please follow signage and know that you will be asked to leave if you do not follow our guidelines while at the market.
  • Hand sanitizing – Please sanitize your hands upon entering the market at our sanitization station. Within the market there is a handwashing station and a few more sanitization stations to keep your hands clean throughout your visit.
  • Physical distancing – We will be limiting the amount of people in the market area at one time this year. There will be queues for you to wait in outside the market area, please maintain a 2 metre distance from all other visitors throughout your time at the market and in queues.
  • Shop solo – We ask that you only have one person per household attend the market, where possible, to reduce wait times and facilitate physical distancing.
  • Shop don’t stop- please buy what you need and exit the market. This shortens queues and reduces risk for everyone!
  • Vendor Queues – Pylons mark the start of a vendor queue, maintain a distance of 2 metres from all other customers in the queue.
  • Grabbing your goods – Please avoid touching vendor products, unless directly instructed by the vendor themselves. In most cases vendors will package products for you, but in situations when you are packing your own bag, do not let your personal items come in contact with their work space.
  • Seating areas – There will be no seating or gathering areas available at the market or on the Farm site. All food or coffee will be served to go, and we ask that you please take your purchases off-site to enjoy.
  • Weekly Map – Market maps will be updated on the Friday before market so you can see exactly where vendors will be located.
  • Market Prizes – No stamp cards this year- fill our our shopper survey once per month or tag us on social media to be entered to win our draw for $25 of Market gift cards! Details here under “Saturday Farmers’ Markets at the UBC Farm”.

Date and Time

Every Saturday, June 5 – November 27, 2021 | 10:00AM – 2:00PM


UBC Farm | 3461 Ross Drive