Work Learn Profile: Camille Lyu, Saturday Farm Market Worker

Work Learn Profile: Camille Lyu, Saturday Farm Market Worker

Camille Lyu

What did you work on in this role?

In this role I worked on the operation of the Saturday Farm Market to ensure that the customers and vendors both have the best experience possible.

What did you learn in this position?

In this position I have learned a lot. But what stood out to me the most are relationship building and problem solving. Over time I developed relationships with the vendors, and I enjoyed the process. I have also grown in my ability to solve problems and conflicts. I think the skills I’ve learned during the summer would serve me well in the future.

Why does this work matter?

One important aspect and mission of the UBC Farm is connecting land, food, and community. The Saturday Farm Market is an essential piece of building that connection. The market offers an opportunity for community members to connect to the land that grows the food. Being the team that ensures a smooth operation of the market, this work is therefore an important piece in achieving the mission of community connection.

What would you tell a new student taking on this role? Or what do you wish you had known?

The relationship I was able to build throughout the process is what makes this role memorable for me. So I would say don’t be afraid to speak to new people and make new friends!

What should people know about the UBC Farm that they probably don’t know?

UBC Farm has an agroforestry trail that hosts many traditional local plants.

What’s your favourite thing to do at the UBC Farm?

My favorite thing to do is wandering around the Farm Market and picking blackberries along the way.

What other roles have you held at CSFS at the UBC Farm?

Over the summer I have also been doing a directed study at the xʷc̓ic̓əsəm Garden at the UBC Farm.