Feeding Growth & COVID-19

Feeding Growth & COVID-19

What is the Feeding Growth & COVID-19 workshop series?

Join us for our new workshop series: Feeding Growth & COVID-19. This workshop series will feature many Feeding Growth alumni as we come together to learn how to build resilience in times of adversity. This three-part series will air approximately every three weeks starting on July 31, from 3pm to 4pm. Workshop titles are subject to change. Please register for any (or all) of the workshops here.

What, When & Where?

COVID-19 Round Table Story Sharing – July 31st

Please join Brian Saul (Co-Founder of Fluid Creative) as we have a fireside chat about how local food companies have fared during COVID-19. This will be an opportunity to share ideas and learn from one another.

*Fireplace not included

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How to Pivot to E-Commerce – August 24

Has your business been thinking about making the switch to e-commerce but hasn’t taken the plunge yet? Join Gayle Palas, President of Grounded Strategies, Marc Wandler (CEO), and Clinton Bishop (COO) from Susgrainable to learn how your business can make the transition to e-commerce.

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How to Prepare for a Future Pandemic – September 11th

How can a small business prepare for a pandemic? Please join Ali Samei (Director of Operations at Left Coast Naturals) and Carrie Wertheim (Regional Manager at Vancity) as they discuss some strategies your business can implement to prepare for a potential second wave.

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